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LAUSD Ethics Office
   333 S. Beaudry Ave., 20th Floor
   Los Angeles, CA 90017
   Ask Ethics Helpline
   T: 213-241-3330
   F: 213-241-3319
   Last Updated: 3/20/2017

Ethics Booster Kit

About the Ethics Booster

road iconEthics Booster Gray Zone (Make-Up)
PDF downloadMemo 3944: Ethics Training Booster Requirement
PDF downloadThe One Minute Boost: Why an Ethics Training?
PDF downloadBooster Announcement Packet
PDF downloadWhat People Are Saying About "The Gray Zone"
PDF download"The Gray Zone" Film Debuts
PDF download"The Gray Zone" Premiere
PDF downloadBackground: About Our Districtwide Ethics Training

"I love the [ethics] video.  Sometimes a brisk bit of levity and satire can bring home a moral point far better than tomes of prose.  Your brief clip, poignant and hilarious, does just that. I've already recommended it to colleagues."
Dr. Rushworth Kidder
Founder, Institute for Global Ethics

Downloadable Items from the Booster Kit (for LAUSD staff only, call Ethics for password)

PDF downloadFacilitator Guide
PDF downloadParticipant Questionnaire
PDF downloadSelf Test
PDF downloadSign-In Sheet
PDF downloadTraining Certification

Bonus Downloads

MS Word download Sample Letter to Staff (from Facilitator's Guide)
PDF download Free Posters You Can Order
PDF download Free Ethics Training Clips (from "The Gray Zone")
       Terms of Use: So long as you avoid the prohibited uses, the video snippets may be used “as-is” (rather        than edited in any fashion) for non-commercial purposes.  Please "right click" the format you want to        download.

Video Clips
"The Gray Zone" Preview (2:30)
"When I Grow Up, I'm Going to be Highly Unethical" (:50)
"The Ethics Code" (:21)
"Big Ethics Fall" (:13)
"This is Your Career Without Ethics" (:13)
"Reputation is Everything" (:20)
"But That's Unethical" (:18)
"Release the Pressure" (:37)
"Communicate" (:28)