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LAUSD Ethics Office
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   Los Angeles, CA 90017
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   Last Updated: 3/20/2017

Statement of Economic Interests (SEI) - Form 700

Liaison Information

A. Welcome Letter
B. Overview: 2011 Rollout
C. Liaison Manual
D. Filer Positions (Conflict of Interest Code)

Liaison Templates

pdf E. Liaison Certification
excel F. Roster for Designated Employee Filers
pdf G. Roster for Designated Consultant Filers
 pdf H. Pre-Notification Letter for Employees
 pdf I.  Pre-Notification Letter for Consultants

Tools for Ethics Office Liaisons

Brochure: "Understanding California's Form 700 - Statement of Economic Interests"
Help Tool 1: "Liaison Briefing Sheet"
Help Tool 2: "Form 700 - Frequently Asked Questions"
Help Tool 3: "Form 700 Walk-Through Script - General"
Help Tool 3A: "Form 700 Walk-Through Script - For School Site Filers"

Tools to Help Your Filers

Reference 1: "Filer Tips"
Reference 1A: "Filer Tips for Principals"
Reference 2: "Avoiding the 10 Most Common Errors"
Reference 3: "About the Schedules"
Reference 4: "Understanding Disclosure Categories"
Reference 5: "Completed Sample - Cover Page"
Reference 6: "Completed Sample - All Schedules"
Reference 7: "Jurisdiction Map"
Reference 8: "2015 FPPC Local Fact Sheet"
Reference 9: "Gift Tracker"