Preparing You for Life in the LAUSD Fish Bowl

As a well-known public servant once said: “When you’re in public life, you’re in a fishbowl. People entrust you and at all times, they're gonna be judging you. That’s what you have to understand.” 1

By design, life in the public sector means greater scrutiny. As such, we must be extra vigilant about making sure that our actions and decisions honor our publics trust. The short training that follows is designed to help you anticipate and safeguard some of the most common ethics issues that arise when individuals first transition to the public sector.

Of course, this training is only a brief introduction.  It will be your ongoing responsibility to take advantage of existing resources to educate yourself and to keep yourself current on the standards and rules which apply.

Remember that if you are ever unsure of the ethical or responsible course of action, be sure to seek guidance from a trusted supervisor or from the Ethics Office.

Finally, know that your conduct shapes the publics perception of LAUSD. If you don't look good, then we don't look good and we cant afford that because that hurts our students. Therefore, please be a shining example so that we may build upon our publics trust.

1 If you can guess correctly who said this (WITHOUT the assistance of the internet), let the Ethics Office know and you can be eligible for a small prize. Remember, this IS an ethics test, so your integrity is a must!

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