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In accordance with changes to Cal. Code Reg. Section 18944.2 which are in effect as of July 1, 2008, "Gifts to LAUSD as an Agency" are memorialized in Form 801 and posted below as required under the law.

Donor Department Using Gift Date Filed View PDF
FileMaker, Inc. Food Services Branch 4/22/2009
Apple Corporation Office of the Superintendent 8/24/2009
Microsoft Corporation Information Technology Division 12/23/2009
Apple Corporation Local Districts 8/26/2010
CA Public Education Alliance Pupil Services 11/18/2011
Hongrun Construction Group Pupil Services 11/18/2011
AFS-USA Pupil Services 11/18/2011
Wasserman Foundation Office of the Superintendent 11/21/2011
Pearson Digital Learning OCISS 2/22/2012
Pearson Digital Learning OCISS 2/22/2012
Pearson Digital Learning OCISS 2/22/2012
SAS Information Technology Division 5/16/2012
Truenorthlogic Talent Management Division 8/1/2013
Truenorthlogic Human Capital Initiatives 8/1/2013