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Improving Transparency and Confidence in Government

"Sunlight is the best of disinfectants."

                  - Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

The notion behind personal financial disclosure builds upon what Justice Brandeis first articulated in a Harper’s Weekly article almost 100 years ago when he suggested disclosure as a means for reigning in excessive bankers’ commissions. The thinking was that making information and decision-making transparent to the public would curb unethical conduct.

Since Brandeis’ time, public expectations for transparency in government have only grown. And today, personal financial disclosure statements for decision-makers, whether in the public sector or private sector, have become a common tool for both self assessment as well a means of checks and balances for watch dogs of good governance.

This short training provides guidance for LAUSD officials on how to satisfy our state-mandated financial disclosure requirements. Though the training is geared toward current filers, it contains information that is helpful for all LAUSD officials since our roles and responsibilities can change. (For example, though teachers don’t normally file Form 700s, teachers who serve on a textbook selection committee or other advisory committee would be required to file).

The training also discusses the ways in which Form 700s can be used to help staff identify and avoid conflicts.

NOTE: Individuals who are watching this video to complete their filing may find it most useful to have a copy of a blank Form 700 on-hand, so that you can fill it out as you watch the video.

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