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Ensuring Responsible Use of Public Funds

"All across America, families are making hard choices, and now we're going to have to do the same... the American people have every right to expect and to demand a Government that is more efficient, more accountable, and more responsible in keeping the public's trust."

As our 44th President has observed, one of our most important responsibilities as public servants is ensuring effective use of the public monies under our stewardship. The public loses trust when there is the perception that tax dollars are being poorly used – whether it’s agencies paying more for services than necessary, having schedule overruns, awarding contracts without competition to favored contractors, or maintaining projects that don’t work.

Scholars have described this challenge to public servants as not simply answering the question of whether the services we pay for are delivered, but rather defending against the criticism of: “For how much less and at what higher quality could the services be accomplished in a more ethical environment?”

This short training highlights some of the most common ethics issues that can arise in the business context for LAUSD officials and our stakeholders; and it explains some key LAUSD rules for dealing with these issues.  As you’ll see, it is our shared responsibility to ensure awareness and respect for doing business ethically with LAUSD.

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