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Ensuring Responsible Use of Public Funds

“Every ‘mom and apple pie’ interest in the United States uses lobbyists – a fact little known by the general public.”

- American League of Lobbyists

In a democratic system, lobbying is an important way for public officials to learn about the facts, arguments, theories and perspectives at stake in governmental decisions.

Lobbying raises concerns when there is a lack of transparency around influence activities. This is the purpose behind lobbying disclosure rules - to tell the public who is paid how much to lobby whom on what.

The Lobbying Disclosure Program training that follows highlights the framework that LAUSD utilizes to provide transparency around influence efforts aimed at district decision-making. Since there are billions of dollars at stake through LAUSD contracts and allocations of resources, it is important for each of us to be aware of how we can improve transparency by promoting the necessary disclosure for entities that have met the registration triggers.

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