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Share Your Picks!

Do you have gems you can share with the Ethics Office? If so, we want to learn and hear from you. We’re eager to receive any of the following gems you’re willing to share:

A good ethics quote
An anecdote or explanation of how you’re working to build trust in your corner of our District
An article on ethics or leadership
A photo of you and your team working for our District

Though we may not be able to publish every item we receive, we look forward to building an archive that we can draw upon for the future. Please note that for photo submissions, we may need to followup with you to obtain release forms as necessary.

Before making any submission, please review the details of our Submission Guidelines and Policy.
By pressing “I want to share” below, you are agreeing to our Submission Guidelines and Policy.

Thank you for sharing with us! We appreciate your submissions and your patience.
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