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We can advise you!

The Ethics Office provides advice relating to ethics and public integrity issues.

Formal written advice is provided by the Ethics Office based on the particular set of facts we are given by an inquirer. While this advice may provide guidance to others, it should always be remembered that our advisories are specific to a requestor and specific to the facts contained and written in an advisory.

While the Ethics Office can answer questions verbally, any assistance that is not provided in a written advisory is considered informal advice.

To seek advice, please contact our Ask Ethics helpline. Remember, Ask Ethics is of greatest assistance before an action has been taken, or a problem has occurred.

The Ethics Office can provide guidance on a range of issues. Some of the most common areas we advise on are:

Business Integrity
Conflicts of Interest
Contractors & Consultant's Code
Gifts to LAUSD
Lobbying Disclosure
Offering Employment to LAUSD Officials
Safeguarding Public/Private Partnerships

LAUSD Ethics Office
333 S. Beaudry Ave., 20th Floor
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Ask Ethics Helpline
T: 213-241-3330
F: 213-241-3319
Last Updated: 2/18/2011