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Moving Ethics Forward

Though LAUSD Ethics Office is small and new, we are poised to accomplish our mission of improving district performance by partnering with key stakeholders to support our employees and leadership with the policies, processes, tools and advice necessary to exemplify conduct that strenghthens public trust and confidence in the integrity of our work.

Our Three Goals for 2004-2007

We seek to make measurable and significant progress in these three critical goal areas:

1. Develop an effective ethics infrastructure at LAUSD

3 Year Objective:
Develop a sustainable feedback system for identifying and addressing ethical concerns.
Programmatic Efforts:
Local Ethics Advisor Program

2. Foster a strong ethical work environment for all employees
3 Year Objective:
Create quantifiable gains in improving the ethics climate for district employees.
Programmatic Efforts:
Advice/Ask Ethics Helpline
Management Support
Code of Ethics

3. Increase employee and public confidence in the integrity of our decision-making processes
3 Year Objective:
Build understanding of how ethical practices are applied at LAUSD.
Programmatic Efforts:
Lobbying Program
Statement of Economic Interests
Contractors and Consultants Code
Debarment Policy

Our Values

We are dedicated to making the following values our hallmarks:
Model Conduct - We commit to representing the guiding principles of excellence, integrity and responsibility in all that we do, so that we can be a credible force in advocating and supporting high ethical standards for our District.

Strategic Approach - We care about being thoughtful with our choices and our work priorities. We know that the size and complexity of our institution requires us to respond strategically by segmenting, phasing, and prioritizing our work based on impact and vulnerability. We will leverage best practices and learning from other organizations with leading ethics programs, make corrections that demonstrate agility and resourcefulness, and keep ourselves aligned with other District initiatives.

Outside-In Focus - We believe that we provide the greatest value to our District when we look at programs and initiatives through the eyes of those that we serve or impact. Taking an “outside-in” perspective drives us to make our work relevant, accessible, sensitive in content and tone, and most importantly useful to all we affect.

Innovation - We commit to using fresh eyes to think anew about challenges and opportunities that confront our District. In the face of limitations, we will seek alternatives that meet our challenges in new ways. We will also draw on technology to help us evolve and improve in a manner that best utilizes our District’s resources.

Collaboration - We value working together, through alliances, to achieve greater progress. We believe in creating dialogue with partners—engaging as many voices as we can to achieve increased success and improved value.

LAUSD Ethics Office
333 S. Beaudry Ave., 20th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Ask Ethics Helpline
T: 213-241-3330
F: 213-241-3319
Last Updated: 2/18/2011